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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Finding the Flute

Monty with his anti squirrel
acorn protector AKA "The Snake"

After some networking, Stephen and I were able to connect with Monty.  I have to say that Monty is wonderful and very willing to help.  It made me very happy to hear Monty say this project was “a very appropriate commemoration project” and that he was willing to help us find the wood we needed to make the flutes.  Just yesterday Monty and Stephen spent 2.5 hours searching for the perfect wood for the flute and any extra acorns for the living memorial.  I have attached picture from their day to which I wish I could have been there, however living across the country is a bit of a barrier.  I am happy to say that the wood for the flute has been found.

The Flute from
the start


  1. Just to emphasize Ryan, these branches are all standing dead ir fallen branches. No trees were harmed in the collection of this wood.

  2. Importiant point Stephen! Thanks for bring that up.